No Ifs or Butts In Milton Keynes

8 July 2015, 06:00

More than 50 new cigarette bins have been installed around Milton Keynes as the council try to cut down up to 3 tonnes of cigarette was in the area.

Employees, residents and visitors are now being encouraged to use one of over 50 new cigarette butt bins which have been installed in key locations around Central Milton Keynes this week - or face a £75 fine.  The cigarette butt bins have been installed in a bid to tackle growing issues with cigarette waste in the area.

Bins have been installed all around Central Milton Keynes, placed outside offices, restaurants and shopping centres where smokers tend to leave the highest amount of waste.  So far this year the CMK Street Warden alone has issued 26 fixed penalty notices to smokers throwing their rubbish on the floor.  Left alone, each cigarette butt would take a massive seven years to biodegrade.

CMK Street Warden, Rob Harriman, commented "Cigarette waste is a real issue in Central Milton Keynes.  Each year, Serco collect approximately 2-3 tonnes of cigarette waste alone.  The bins have been designed in a way that means they are very easy to identify - you really can't miss them!"

If readers know of an area where additional bins should be located, we look forward to hearing their feedback and working together in making the area a safer, vibrant and more attractive place."