Northampton Boy Bitten On Neck By Dog

22 May 2015, 10:11

A boy has been bitten on the neck by a dog in a park in Northampton.

The boy was cycling in Bradlaugh Fields on Monday, May 11, when he fell off his bike sometime between 6pm and 6.30pm.

After he fell, two dogs approached him while he was on the ground and one bit him on the neck.

One of his friends tried to pull the dog off him before the owner came and removed the animal.

The dog owner then apologised and left the park.

She was aged between 50 and 60 and had short red hair.

The dog which bit the boy was brown and the other one was black and white.

Witnesses, or anyone who knows anything about this incident, can call Northamptonshire Police on 101.

Alternatively, they can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or use the anonymous online form at