Northampton To Go UltraFast

26 November 2018, 06:41 | Updated: 26 November 2018, 06:45

Openreach BT Internet Broadband

Northampton has been earmarked to be plugged into the country's fastest internet by next summer.

Openreach announced the next phase of its programme, upgrading broadband in 81 areas including Northampton, Leicester, Cardiff, Dover, Worthing and parts of London.

The work will take place over the next nine months, adding to the more than 250 locations where the technology has already been deployed.

Openreach said the multimillion-pound investment will make faster, more reliable broadband services available to local residents and businesses.

Kim Mears of Openreach said:

"Currently, the UK is a world leader in digital infrastructure and services, but as the digital revolution rushes forwards and the demand for data continues to grow, we need to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

That's why we're investing in faster, more reliable network infrastructure to facilitate all the activities we want to do now, and also those we haven't even dreamt of doing in 10 years' time."

Openreach has already made ultrafast broadband available to more than 1.9 million premises.