Northern Groceries In Herts & Beds Via Amazon

11 October 2017, 14:03 | Updated: 11 October 2017, 14:09

Amazon Fresh

AmazonFresh shoppers in Herts & Beds can now order groceries from north of England-based supermarket chain Booths in the latest stage of the online giant's expansion into the market.

Hundreds of Booths products including ready meals, cheeses and deli items have gone on sale for the first time online to AmazonFresh customers in 302 postcodes in Herts & Beds, but also across parts of London, Surrey & Hampshire.

Booths has 28 physical stores across the north of England.

Booths chairman and chief executive Edwin Booth said:

"This is good news for everyone. It's a win for Booths as we have wider reach for our products and it's a win for the customer, who can now have a taste of Booths country delivered to their doorstep."

Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods in June ramped up its stake in the global grocery market following its launch of AmazonFresh, which entered the UK market last year.

AmazonFresh, which has also teamed up with Morrisons in the UK, has more than tripled its reach to postcodes across London, Surrey and parts of Hampshire and now offers more than 180,000 items, adding more than 50,000 products over the last year.