PCC: More Cash Needed To Save Beds Police

10 November 2017, 06:00

Bedforshire Police PCC

By Patrick Hildred

Bedfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner says the force simply needs more money to keep the county's people safe.

After efficiency inspectors told Beds Police it requires improvement overall, the county's PCC - Kathryn Holloway - has come out firing, saying the force is already overstretched.

She says Bedfordshire Police needs up to £10 million to be able to do its job properly.

"I run out of cops every night when it comes to 999 response - that's not good enough," she told Heart.

"I have the back door to London which is frankly ajar when you have the third highest counter terror requirement of anywhere in England and Wales.

"I'm required to keep the people of Bedfordshire safe, the capital safe and UK PLC.

"And I need to hear on November 22nd - in the spending review - that I'm going to be given the funds to do that properly."

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The government will announce the latest funding figures for police later this month.

Yesterday inspectors said that Bedfordshire Police 'requires improvement' in terms of efficiency overall.

"In fact this a much better report than last year in that last year {in} the efficiency report they [Bedfordshire Police[ got three requires improvement - and this time they got one good - for the use of the force's resources - which, for me, is pretty much the definition of efficiency," Ms Holloway added.