Petition To Save Eaglestone Pre-School

15 June 2018, 07:44 | Updated: 15 June 2018, 07:46

Mums in Milton Keynes are pledging to save their children's pre-school - after it was announced it may be about to close.

The Eaglestone Pre-School has told Heart it's faced lots of cost increases, and is consulting with staff about what to do next.

The parents have launched a petition on 38 Degrees (see below).

"It is important to keep this preschool open for the children, lots of children have been to this preschool and lots more are wanting to come.

I myself have had 2 children go to the preschool and one currently in there now, I have a baby who I will be sending to this setting as well when he is old enough. My children that have been to the setting have had amazing experiences and absolutely loved being there with the staff and the other children.

I have spoken to other parents of past and present children that have attended or do attend the setting and have heard all good things about it, the children love being there, enjoy their learning and have great relationships with the staff. I feel if this setting is closed there will be lots of people that are going to be affected.

Children not old enough to attend a school based nursery can attend the preschool setting from the age of 2 and stay with the setting until they are old enough to attend reception year at school, I found with my children having that time at preschool helped them get ready and prepare for school life and they have excelled because of this, my daughter had speech issues but due to attending Eaglestone preschool started talking better and better, her amazing keyworker did a huge amount of work with her to get her where she needed to be ready for reception year at school."

Well in response, a spokesman for Eaglestone Pre-school has told Heart:

"Like many childcare providers, Eaglestone Pre-school has faced a number of cost increases over recent years, such as increases in the National Living Wage and rising pensions contribution costs, that government funding has failed to keep pace with.

This has created severe financial challenges for our setting, and as a result, we have taken the difficult decision to consult with staff on the proposed closure of the pre-school.

This consultation is still ongoing and no final decision has yet been made. We know how important the pre-school is to local families and are continuing to work with colleagues and local partners to explore all possible options.

Throughout this process, our priority will remain the well-being of the pre-school's children. We will continue to ensure parents are kept up-to-date, and are grateful for their ongoing support during this difficult time."

See the petition here: