Police Say Northants Too Accepting Of Violence

The man leading Northants Police says the public need to support his officers in helping reduce violent crime.

It comes as Northants Police begin an intensive month of action, aimed at reducing violent crime.

The force has recently seen a significant increase in incidents of violent crime, which now make up 25% of all crimes recorded.

For the current year to date, there have been a total of 9,356 recorded violence crimes for the whole county, compared to 6,161 last year.

Violent crime with serious injury has reduced, but lower-level crimes like violent incidents without injury have increased.

The month of action will include disruption visits to offenders, intensive Nightsafe activity, a highly visible police presence in town centres and a zero-tolerance approach to anyone causing disorder.
There will also be a focus on domestic violence, with a robust approach to tackling repeat offending, and visits to secondary schools to warn of the potentially devastating consequences of becoming involved in violent crime.

Northants Police Commissioner Adam Simmonds, said:
"Reducing violent crime remains a key priority for this force, and is at the heart of making Northamptonshire the safest place in England. 
The current levels are completely unacceptable, and I want police to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to those committing violence offences.
Violence takes many different forms and requires us to be creative to address the problems in the longer term.
I believe that approaching violence as a public health problem will help to deliver sustainable reductions in violence with the commitment of a range of agencies.
This means developing clear pathways of support and a toolbox of interventions, working with perpetrators recognising and taking responsibility for the harm they cause.
This is the long-term strategy aimed at changing people’s attitudes towards violence by understanding the harm it causes."
District Commander, Chief Inspector Dennis Murray, said:
"During the month of February we will work tirelessly to tackle violent crime in the county. We have dedicated intensive resources to Operation Limit and will work relentlessly to arrest and lock-up offenders who make other’s lives a misery by committing violent offences.
In addition we are working with our partners to get to the route-cause of the issues which lead people to commit violent offences, in order to stop the offending happening in the first place."