Polish Community 'Scared' After Racist Letters In Huntingdon

28 June 2016, 06:08 | Updated: 28 June 2016, 07:22

Heart has been told many Polish people in Huntingdon have been left scared - after a number of racist messages were left around the town.

Little pieces of laminated paper were left around a school and a number of homes - saying things like 'go home'.

Police are calling it hate crime and have stepped up patrols.

Kate Checinska runs a Saturday school for Polish children and told Heart she's got friends who don't feel welcome anymore: "It's a strange feeling because you feel unwanted here.

"Right now they're showing they don't want us here - it's horrible.

She added: "We try all our best to integrate and do some good things for the community and now this has happened - at school - can you believe it?

"Some of my friends are really scared - I don't but they feel anxiety because they don't know what could happen next.

"It could be not just writing posters, we could be physically attacked."

Meanwhile, the main hospital in Huntingdon - Hinchingbrooke - has added it's condemnation of the race-hate leaflets in the town - directed to the Polish community.

The hospital has used social media to say they couldn't operate without overseas staff and that those workers are valued.