Polish Men Convicted Over Jewel Row

Three Polish men who attacked a man at the home of a woman he was in dispute with over some jewellery have each been given suspended jail terms today (Monday 9th).

The men, aged 26 to 35, assaulted their victim at a house in Chesford Road in April - 2013 - leaving him with cuts, bruises and even BITE marks.

All this was apparently over a dispute over some jewellery.

Wojchiech Samsonowicz, 26, his brother Mirek, 34, and Mateusz Kolary, 35, assaulted the man at the woman's home in Luton in April 2013.

Today the court heard in the attack the victim Marcin Merchelski had a bag placed over his head and feared he would be suffocated.

He was sat on and at one stage bitten and suffered cuts and bruises.

The three men all pleaded guilty to assaulting him occasioning him actual bodily harm on April 19 2013.

The attack happened at the home in Chesford Road, Luton of Polish woman Aleksandra Czupiel, 33,

She was said to have been in dispute with Mr Merchelski over some jewellery.

On the day of the assault he had gone to her home where the other three men were present and was attacked by them.

The court was told that all three men were of previous good character and had worked hard in this country since arriving from Poland.

Recorder David Mayall sentenced the men to 32 weeks imprisonment which in each case was suspended for two years.

Each will have to perform 40 hours of unpaid work and all three were told they would be the subjects of restraining orders preventing them from having any contact with the victim.