Medical Prison For Northampton Businessman Paul Dunham

16 March 2015, 14:57 | Updated: 16 March 2015, 15:35

A businessman from Northampton, convicted of defrauding the US company he worked for out of $1 million, is being moved to a medical prison in Kentucky.

59 year old Paul Dunham was jailed for four years last month for his part in defrauding the parent company of PACE - based in Bletchley.

Mr Dunham had moved to the US from Northampton to work along with his wife Sandra, 58. The couple then falsely claimed expenses against the company.

Mrs Dunham was given a sixty day prison sentence for her involvement, and has since returned home to the UK.

The US Marshal's office in Baltimore has now told Mr Dunham that he's been given a prison place at FMC Lexington in Kentucky. He'll now be expected to self-surrender himself there next week (March 25th 2015).

FMC Lexington is the Federal Medical Centre in Kentucky, which it's claimed will meet Mr Dunham's medical needs because he has a serious heart condition.

Mr Dunham said:  "I have been waiting to be assigned a prison since early February so it is now a relief to know where I am going, although I am disappointed that the location is Kentucky.

"We, and the judge, had requested and expected FMC Butner in North Carolina. It had been explained to the judge (and the judge agreed) that the only outside support I will have whilst in a US prison would be from a friend who lives in North Carolina. Kentucky is hundreds of miles away from there.

"I do not understand why the Bureau of Prisons has disregarded the request made to them based on very reasonable grounds. I am at least grateful that they carefully reviewed my medical needs before reaching their decision.

"Nonetheless prison in Kentucky will be a very lonely place as I am unlikely to have any visitors. It is unfeasible for family and friends to travel from the UK to visit and international telephone calls from the prison are difficult to make and expensive.

"However I have been assured that the UK Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has taken a close interest in my case and that as soon as I self-report to prison his department will do everything possible to ensure my repatriation is expedited, through negotiation with the US authorities, as is set out in my plea agreement.

"Once again I thank all of those kind and thoughtful people who continue to give Sandra and me their fullest support.  I anticipate being repatriated to a UK prison facility as soon as possible."