Student Who Was Global Drug Dealer Jailed

8 May 2015, 14:43 | Updated: 8 May 2015, 14:58

An international drug dealer from Sawston who used Pokémon trading cards to supply huge quantities of drugs has been jailed.

Northampton University student, Callum Fay, 22, of Church Lane, Sawston, was arrested on June 28, 2012 after police received information from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) about a suspicious package from India.

The UKBA at Heathrow Airport intercepted a package from India, addressed to Fay, and on opening it discovered a text book with the middle hollowed out. In the hole was a large amount of white substance, found to be Cocaine.

Bedroom search

UKBA officers replaced the white powder with something resembling the drug and the package was then delivered to Fay. About half-an-hour after the delivery, police officers attended the address and conducted a warrant where they found Fay in his bedroom with the package and other drug related items.

He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of producing and possessing various classes of drugs and taken to Parkside Police Station in Cambridge.

During the search of his bedroom officers found a number of computers and hard drives. On examination, a document was found on one of the computers listing drug ingredients, costs and profits. About 20 envelopes addressed to different people around the world, from Australia to Ireland, were also found, ready to be sent.

Contained inside the envelopes were Pokémon trading cards and computer games, within the items were quantities of drugs in small plastic bags, sellotaped between the cards and game cartridges. These were found to be MDMA, Methamphet and Cocaine.

Officers also found adhesive spray, latex gloves, boxes of envelopes, aerosol air dusters, first class airmail stickers, packets of first class stamps, hundreds of small plastic bags and a roll of postal customs content declaration stickers.

Also found was a book on the secrets of Methamphetamine manufacture, various drugs testing kits, a pestle and mortar, spirits of salt, caustic soda, super glue, coffee filters, face masks, a single boiling ring, food bags and a frying pan. 

An examination of Fay's computer and bank account was carried out which showed £29,000 had passed through his account since January 2012. The money had been transferred into his account from a number of other ones linked to the Bitcoin e-currency company. The money would then be removed in cash by Fay.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Tanya Mutch, said: "It was clear that Fay was operating as an international drugs importer and exporter, along with manufacturing some drugs himself.

"He was forensically aware of what he was doing and had gone to elaborate lengths to conceal his drugs in numerous ways."
Fay was due to answer bail on January 25, 2013, but failed to do so. Just days before he was due to be charged, Fay emptied his bank account, sent his university accommodation keys to his mother after clearing it out of all his belongings and left the area.

He was later arrested on March 24 this year (2015) and charged with one count of possessing Ketamine with intent to supply, one count of possessing Heroin with intent to supply, one count of possessing MDMA with intent to supply and one count of acquiring criminal property, referring to the £29,000 found to be in his bank account.

Guilty on all charges

Fay was detained in police custody to appear at Cambridge Magistrates' Court on March 25 where he pleaded guilty to all charges.

On Friday (May 1) Fay was sentenced to six years in prison which includes a sentence 6 year sentence for the production of a class A drug (MDMA), 2 years for possessing a class C drug (Ketamine) with intent to supply and 1 month for the possession of a class A drug (Heroin).

A Proceeds of Crime hearing has been set for July 9 at Cambridge Crown Court.