Switch & Save On Energy Bills Returns To Daventry

22 April 2015, 10:58

There's another chance to save money on energy bills in Daventry.

A total of 270 households across the district changed energy providers during Big Switch Daventry District's winter auction process, cutting their annual bills on average by £265.

The scheme proved so successful for those who took part that Daventry District Council (DDC) has again partnered with energy switching firm iChoosr for a spring auction.

People have until midnight on Monday, May 18, to register for the scheme at www.daventrydc.gov.uk/bigswitchdaventry or by phoning DDC on 01327 871100. It takes just five minutes, with only an annual energy bill required to complete the process.

Everyone who signs up will be added to a collective, with energy suppliers then invited to bid for their custom in a reverse auction process on May 19.

In the last auction, Daventry residents who signed up joined around 30,000 other people from schemes across the country, with their combined purchasing power resulting in a market-beating deal being offered.

Households on dual fuel contracts paying monthly via Direct Debit made the biggest savings, at about £310 per year on average, while those on electricity-only contracts were able to cut their bill by an average of around £200. Many people on pre-paid meters also saved money.

Alice Ellis, Environmental Improvement Officer at Daventry District Council, said: "The last auction process secured some really big savings for the majority of residents who signed up, so we wanted to offer the scheme again to give even more people an opportunity to benefit.

"It's so easy to register and, because there's no obligation to switch at the end of the process, people have nothing to lose by signing up. In fact, the overwhelming majority of those who registered for the last auction were able to make savings of £250 and more.

"Those who do decide to switch will find it a simple, straightforward process. They may be required to send a meter reading to their new supplier but everything else is taken care of by the energy companies involved.

"I would urge residents to register today and find out how much they could save."