Testing Starts On New Generation Trains

13 April 2015, 06:00

The first new Thameslink trains have been built and are on a test track ready to transform travel for hard-pressed passengers from next year.

Siemens has now manufactured over 200 shells of a total of 1,140 so-called "Desiro City" trains, with six whole trains now completed.

From Spring 2016, they'll go into service Between Bedford and Brighton, followed by Peterborough and Cambridge services later the same year. 
The state-of-the-art Class 700 has been developed specifically to meet the demands of the ambitious Thameslink Programme - delivering high frequency, high capacity services. T

We asked the company for hard-pressed - and often squashed commuters on the Cambridge line and again from Luton to London - what the improvements will be.

Spokesman Roger Perkins told Heart "the trains will be more reliable and more energy efficient than existing rolling stock.

Their lightweight design will mean less wear and tear on the tracks, saving money in maintaining the network.
They'll also be extra benefits from 2018, as they will give passengers from Peterborough and Cambridge on the Great Northern lines, direct links to Gatwick and Brighton across London without the need to take the Tube."