Thieves Take Country Park "Wooden Man"

13 October 2014, 06:00

A 4ft wooden sculpture of a man has been stolen from a Northamptonshire country park.

CCTV footage from East Carlton Country Park near Corby, shows two thieves tie a rope around the sculpture before pulling it out of the ground and loading it into the back of a van sometime between 1.10am and 3.25am on Tuesday, September 23.

It is believed the same thieves may have been responsible for another attack on the park on August 11 this year, when a wishing well was raided at about 4.30am and all of the money which had been thrown into it by members of the public was stolen.

Sculptor Peter Leadbeater who made the wooden man, said: “I’m shocked and disappointed that somebody would deprive all the visitors to East Carlton Country Park of the enjoyment of seeing this sculpture. It’s a real shame.”

It is thought the thieves stole the sculpture after they were unable to get into the wishing well for a second time due to increased security measures.

Officers investigating both thefts have now asked anyone who is offered the sculpture for sale to contact the police immediately.

A spokesman for Corby Borough Council, which runs the park, added: “East Carlton Country Park and all of the features in it are for local residents and visitors to enjoy, so we are obviously very disappointed that someone would steal from or damage the area in any way.”

Anyone who knows anything about either of the incidents at East Carlton Country Park can call the police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.