Violent Robbery On Milton Keynes Redway

8 November 2016, 17:20 | Updated: 8 November 2016, 17:23

Thames Valley Police is appealing for witnesses to a violent robbery of a teenage cyclist in Milton Keynes where offenders used a distinctive black machete knife.

At around 11.30pm on Saturday (5/11) the victim, a 16 year-old boy, was cycling on the Redway alongside V2 Tattenhoe Street, near Westcroft Shopping District when three males blocked his path.

They pulled him off his bike, punched him and repeatedly kicked him while he was on the ground. One offender has hit the victim repeatedly with an item believed to be a rubber mallet and a baton.

One male has also produced a machete, handed it to another offender who has hit the victim on his legs twice using the side of the blade.

The machete is quite distinctive – it has a black blade with a silver edge which is about 12-18 inches long, with a silver handle.

The victim sustained grazing and bruises to his head and body, which required treatment from Milton Keynes General Hospital.

The offenders stole the victim’s red and silver mountain bike, phone, wallet, bank card and bag.

All offenders are white males, aged between 17 and18 and all wore a black face covering with a white skull design.

The first offender is 5ft 10ins and of stocky build. He was wearing a dark grey Nike zip up hoodie jacket. It had a red hoop across the body and a black hood which was up. He had black hair which seemed quite thick as the hood was high. He wore black trainers and rode a black bike.

The second offender, who used the weapons on the victim, is 5ft 10ins and of skinny build. He has medium length blonde hair that was brushed forward and had a small moustache. He was wearing a dark blue hooded jacket.He also wore a dark blue zip up hoodie and loose fitting dark blue jeans. He wore black trainers.

The third offender is 5ft 11 ins and described as ‘very skinny’. He wore a dark blue zip hoodie. He wore dark blue jeans and trainers and a light blue Nike baseball cap. He rode a black bike.