Kids Aid


Global's Make Some Noise are proud to be supporting KidsAid this year. KidsAid was created to improve mental health provision for children in Northamptonshire.

Driven by their concern about the lack of therapy provision for children who have faced severe trauma in Northamptonshire, KidsAid was founded by a group of passionate professionals who were determined to improve mental health provision for children in the area. 

With a child law expert, paediatrician, local politician and social work professionals on board, KidsAid was formed and continues to grow and provide relief of the needs of children suffering from emotional and behavioural difficulties through the use of Creative Therapies. 

We’ll be supporting KidsAid’s project, ‘Make Some Noise Together’, which will focus on 1-2-1 sessions and group therapy to help when children have lived a common experience that has caused them distress or anguish. 

By providing therapy featuring play, art, drama, and family attachment, the sessions support children who may have suffered from issues including domestic abuse, neglect, bereavement or bullying. KidsAid hope to build resilience, improve self-esteem and help children find a voice, especially throughout non-verbal creative therapies which help children and young people who find it too difficult to verbalise their feelings.


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