Heart Breakfast Guide To Pancake Day

12 February 2018, 14:57

Ivan & Emma Pancake Day

Ever wondered why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday and make Pancakes? Want to know why the tradition of pancake races began right here in the Four Counties??? Let Heart breakfast be your guide…



Shrove Tuesday is the day before lent begins and the last day to indulge and use up all the foods that traditionally aren't allowed in Lent… So as not to waste anything, Pancakes became a popular dish because you could use up all the eggs, fats and milk in the house with just the addition of flour!

The tradition of Pancake races is said to have originated in 1445 when a housewife from Olney in Buckinghamshire was busy making pancakes at home.

Suddenly, at 11am, the church bells started ringing… calling everyone to worship! 

She had completely lost track of time, and not wanting to be late for church, raced out of the house while still carrying her frying pan and pancake, tossing it to prevent it from burning!

And that, it how the tradition of Pancakes and Pancake races began.

You’re welcome!

Ivan & Emma x