The Milton Keynes Digital Awards 2016

Heart is proud to support the Milton Keynes Digital Awards 2016, and we have all the details of this years winners! The winners’ ceremony took place on October 13th at the Jurys Inn hotel, in Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, where the online achievements of businesses, charities and schools across Milton Keynes were celebrated at the second annual digital awards.

Awards across 15 categories including “Website”, “Mobile App” and “Use of Social Media for Business” were presented to deserving organisations at the Jurys Inn hotel. Special guests included Scott Kirk, from print media partner One MK, Ian Stuart, the Managing Director of Heart Four Counties, Pam Gosal from Invest Milton Keynes and Geoff Snelson from Milton Keynes Council who presented awards.

The Milton Keynes Digital Awards was set up in 2015 solely to showcase online work, and leading the way on stage were a pair of winners who saw double after scooping Gold across two separate categories.Digital marketing agency Interdirect won the top prize for their work on behalf of Willen Hospice in the flagship “Website” category and again in the “Website: Tourism & Hospitality” classification for a website they created for Grand Central Birmingham.

While ebullient foreign language teacher, Lindsay Does Languages, picked up Golds in “Blog: Business” and “Use of Social Media for Business”. Bombinate Web Design, in Foxhunter Drive, landed Gold in the “Website: Small Business” area and Silbury Boulevard designer Red Giraffe took the plaudits in “Website: Marketing & Creative”.

Also walking away with top-placed accolades were Loughton developer Vusiem for a Mobile App” they created for the British Museum and Cranfield-based SOtechnology who won “Responsive Website” with a project for Building Transformation. Milton Keynes Kids made the top of the podium in the “Blog: Entertainment” category and Visual Identity Creative won Gold in “Online Retailer” through a site for Premium footwear firm Barker Shoes.

The Gold in “Use of Video for Business” was presented to Wise Guys for a film about Milton Keynes Museum and the top award in “Website: Lifestyle & Culture” was picked up by Aubergine for their Dhaniya Authentic Indian Cooking project.“Website: B2B” Gold was won by Redhouse Park web designer westfourstreet and the top accolade in “Website: School, Education or Charity” was presented to Supershoes by Amasci Creative.

MKDA16 was supported by OneMK, Heart Four Counties, Invest Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes Council, Capricorn Media and Clare Reeves Voiceovers.

There was also a ‘Spirit of Milton Keynes’ award which was handed to Milton Keynes based musical equipment giant Marshall Amplification who have provided amps for members of The Who, Blur, Oasis and ACDC to name but a few. They were commended for ‘going above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment and promotion of Milton Keynes’ through their digital work and local sponsorship support.

Milton Keynes Digital Awards 2016 – The Winners


Blog: Business 

Gold - Lindsay Does Languages

Silver - Interdirect

Bronze - Last Minute Pension


Blog: Entertainment

Gold - Milton Keynes Kids

Silver - Foodoholism

Bronze - Kakkoii Club


Mobile App

Gold - The British Museum by Vusiem

Silver - Premier Inn 'InTouch' by Headlines

Bronze - Bentley Motors Product Launch Training by Elixsoft


Online Retailer in association with Milton Keynes Council

Gold - Barker Shoes by Visual Identity Creative

Silver - Supershoes by Amasci Creative

Bronze - OCDfinish by Visual Identity Creative


Responsive Website

Gold - Building Transformation by SOtechnology

Silver - Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue Centre by Red Giraffe

Bronze - Hoegaarden Floating Gardens by Elixsoft


Use of Social Media for Business in association with Heart Four Counties

Gold - Lindsay Does Languages

Silver -

Bronze - Personal Group


Use of Video for Business

Gold - Milton Keynes Museum by Wise Guys

Silver - Drops Cycling by Wise Guys

Bronze - Milky Cereal


Website in association with One MK

Gold - Willen Hospice by Interdirect

Silver - Dhaniya Authentic Indian Cooking by Aubergine

Bronze - Cotels by White Leopard


Website: B2B

Gold – Westfourstreet

Silver - Shirlaws by SOtechnology

Bronze - Specialist Transport Group by White Leopard


Website: Lifestyle & Culture

Gold - Dhaniya Authentic Indian Cooking by Aubergine

Silver - Life by Danielle by Sotechnology

Bronze - OCDfinish by Visual Identity Creative


Website: Marketing & Creative

Gold - Red Giraffe

Silver - SOtechnology

Bronze - Milky Cereal


Website: School, Education or Charity

Gold - Supershoes by Amasci Creative

Silver - Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue Centre by Red Giraffe

Bronze - Willen Hospice by Interdirect


Website: Small Business in association with Invest Milton Keynes

Gold - Bombinate Web Design

Silver - Essential Property Services

Bronze - Cladwinds by Amasci Creative


Website: Tourism & Hospitality

Gold - Grand Central Birmingham by Interdirect

Silver - Hoegaarden Floating Gardens by Elixsoft

Bronze - About Milton Keynes


Spirit of Milton Keynes

Gold - Marshall Amplification

MKDA2015 Pic