There's no Business like Snow Business

Each day this week on Heart Breakfast you'll hear how Stuart has been trying out the slopes at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead using different modes of transport which could be anything from a rubber ring to a tea tray!

Check back each day to see how he got on and watch the daily video.

Friday 7th September and the final run! 
Mode of Transport: Ice Scoop

Time Taken: 12.4 Seconds

Thursday 6th September
Mode of Transport: Ice Car Booster Seat

Time Taken: 19.2 Seconds

Wednesday 5th September
Mode of Transport: Ice Slide Tube

Time Taken: 8.6 Seconds

Tuesday 4th September
Mode of Transport: Ice Plate
Time Taken: 9.9 Seconds

Monday 3rd September
Mode of Transport: Hammerhead Toboggan
Time Taken: 16.6 Seconds