Well done messages...

Here's your chance to tell us what Race for Life 2010 was like for you. Share your memories or say well done to someone who took part. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page.

Proud of you

Well done nayna we are really proud of you love mummy & stuart

We love you Loz

Well done in the race for life on sunday lauren, yr dad would be so proud xx

Graham Dix, family and friends

In memory of my Dad Graham Dix, my Mother-In-Law Jean Ible and my Auntie's partner Philip Mabley, in continued support of my friend Tony Ward and my close friend Penny's Dad Ken Luscombe, all fighting Cancer and winning.  for everybody touched by Cancer and for all our futures.

Run for Mum

My daughter and I completed our 3rd R4L on 4th July. We ran for my Mum who died 3 years ago, my son who made it through and my friend who is still fighting. What an amazing event - go girls go!!!!

Carrying Abi

I'm so pleased i took part in race for life at Hartpury, especially carrying Abi my 10 month daugher over the finish line. My nan died of cancer 2 years ago so i will try to take part every year from now on, raising money for good cause.


Hurrah! My daughter, Maz, and I did the 10k run today. Hot, hot, hot! Maz was fourth! I am so proud of her. I came in after one hour and 12 mins, so not bad for an old lady who's nearly 60! Best of all was the atmosphere of doing it FOR someone or something special. We were all united in our cause. Well done all of us!


I did the Race For Life today with my Mum and her friends. it was really fun even through the heat

Johnsons Volvo

I just want to say well done to all my workmates some of us ran and some walked but either way we all completed it go Johnsons Volvo and roll on next year. Also well done to everyone that took part after all it is for a very good cause. See you all next year ;-)

Laura Clarke

We're so proud of you well done for completing the race for life on the 4/7/10.
Lots of love mum bethany colin xxxxxxxxx

Kate and Catherine

Well done to Kate, Catherine and myself for taking part on Sunday in the blistering heat.  As always, the fantastic atmosphere got us around the course.  Always happy to take part as we are fortunate enough to be able too. Well done to all who volunteered on the day as well in the heat!  Roll on next year!


Want to say thank you & well done to my Mum & friends who joined me this year, especially as one is over 7m pregnant! Also to my fantastic 5year old who kept going xxx


I did the race for life today and OMG it was hot. But it was a great day and it is for a amazing causes. Well done everyone bring on next year. xx


I took part in the race for life today, and it was amazing, especialy the feeling of going through the finish line and the feeling that you're doing it all for a good course.I did it for my three grandparents, who sadly died from cancer, they are all greatly missed!

We love you Janet

My daughter ami and myself took part for the first time this year, we are running this year as janet our cousin has breast cancer and now awaits the results of her test. janet unfortunatly lost her husband two days ago, what more can she go through. now more stress to add. we love u janet x