Biggest Severn Bore in a decade

A five star bore passes through Gloucestershire

March 2nd 2010 saw the biggest Severn Bore in ten years according to experts.  Hundreds if not thousands of fanatics famously descended on Gloucestershire and lined the banks of the River Severn.

Surfers from around the world flocked to ride the Severn bore which was given the highest five star rating.

Its the first one with a 5 star rating in the last decade and will continue over the next 48 hours with a series of other 4 star and 3 star bores.

The amazing natural phenomenon is known around the world and is thought to be the second largest naturally occurring river bore on the planet.

The shape of the Severn Estuary forms a funnel and at certain tides the water is forced into it  creating a wave that travels up stream.

The phenomenon takes place around 12 times a year during the spring and autumn equinox, when a wave is formed every morning for two or three days.

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