Burst Sewage Pipe In Tewkesbury

3 November 2014, 17:39 | Updated: 3 November 2014, 17:46


After a pipe burst on Sunday, Severn Trent Water says it is working round the clock, using a stream of tankers to remove sewage from one of its pumping stations in Tewkesbury.

The pipe is part of the network at Walton Cardiff sewage pumping station that drains sewage from Tewkesbury and the surrounding area. The pumps move the sewage to Tewkesbury sewage works at a rate of 70 litres a second.

Craig Bayliss, waste water service delivery manager for Severn Trent said:

“We were alerted to an issue at the pumping station yesterday, and we sent teams out to investigate straight away.  When we had a good understanding of the situation, we got straight to work by mobilising a stream of tankers to take the waste away from upstream of the burst to another place on the network where it can continue on its journey to the sewage works.  We’ll continue with this tankering operation, working around the clock, until the pipe is fixed and we can get everything back to normal.  We expect the repair to be complete and tankers to be stood down later on tonight.

Local residents will have noticed the tankers travelling back and forth, and we understand that this will cause some disruption.  We’d like to apologise to anyone affected by this work, but it’s absolutely necessary to do this to avoid the sewage leaking into the area and causing flooding and pollution to our customers.  People may also notice a smell, and again we apologise for this – we know it’s not nice.  We’ve been keeping local people informed of what we’re doing and we’re really grateful for their understanding and patience.

We’d like to take this opportunity to reassure our customers that we have the situation under control and repairs to the pipe are ongoing.  We’ll get everything back to normal as quickly as we can and any damage to the local area will of course be rectified.  We know that when the pipe burst there was some flooding into a children’s play area and we’re really sorry that this is out of use while we fix the pipe.  We will of course do a thorough clean up and make sure everything is safe and back to normal as quickly as we can..  We’re hoping that the repairs and full clean up will be finished by the end of the week.  Again we’d like to apologise for any inconvenience.”