CCTV to stop drivers

A CCTV camera is being put up to catch drivers using an underpass in Quedgeley as a short cut.

The road, near Matalan, is only supposed to be used by emergency vehicles, taxis and buses, but some drivers are ignoring the signs to get ina nd out of the Kingsway estate.

The camera will go ‘live’ at the beginning of April and anyone caught illegally using the underpass will be given a £60 fine. 

Local county councillor, Jackie Hall: "The reports of emergency vehicles having problems accessing the Kingsway Estate and pedestrians and cyclists being put in danger are very worrying.  The cameras and signs will be a clear deterrent to those choosing to use the underpass illegally."

Bright yellow warning notices are going up as a warning and leaflets are being handed out to to households on the Kingsway estate, Kingsway Primary School and nearby shops.