Dispersal order for Lydney

Police in Lydney are hoping a dispersal order will help tackle anti social behaviour in part of the town and stop shoppers feeling intimidated by groups of youngsters.

The order, which will run from 18th February 2010 until 17 August  2010, is being introduced in response to an increase in reports of groups behaving badly.
The dispersal order will cover the area bounded by Highfield Road, Albert Street, Springfield Road, Springmeadow Road, Forest Road, Hill Street, High Street, Church Road, and the Lydney by-pass.

It gives police and PCSO's the power to ban people from the area for 24 hours, if they return they could face a £5000 fine or even jail.

The order also prevents anyone under 16 from being in the area between 9pm and 6am, unless with a parent or responsible person over the age of 18.

Inspector Chris Thorley, of the Forest South Inspector Neighbourhood Area, says:

"The dispersal order is a powerful policing tool and will allow us to tackle disorderly behaviour within the town.
“We know over the recent weeks that the conduct of groups gathering in and around the town has made people feel fearful and intimidated and from Friday 26th February we'll be able to ask such groups to leave the area before trouble starts.”
“The use of this power is targeted on those people whose behaviour has resulted in or is likely to result in people being intimidated, harassed, alarmed or distressed. This will not affect people going about their normal business.”