Dog Owners Should Avoid Water At Benhall Park

Warning signs have been put up at a Cheltenham park after claims a dog has died from drinking the water there.

The Environment Agency has taken samples from the brook at Benhall Park and found there was a blue-green algae in it but they don't know if it is toxic.
It's claimed a Springer Spaniel died after drinking the water - and another dog became seriously ill.
Andrea Burton, Environment Management Team Leader said, 'We received a report of potential water pollution to the Hatherley Brook in Benhall Park, Cheltenham. Our officer attended the site on Monday to visually inspect it and take a water sample. Our analysis showed the presence of blue-green algae in the water in that sample. 
The role of the Environment Agency is to confirm the presence of the algae and notify the landowner to enable them to take whatever measures are necessary. We notified Cheltenham Borough Council, who is responsible for managing the park and public health, and we will continue to support them.'
They say blue-green algae occurs naturally and usually blooms after a period of warm, calm weather. 
Andrea adds, 'The blooms can produce toxins which can be harmful to animals and domestic pets. In humans, they can cause rashes after skin contact and illnesses if swallowed.'
The Environment Agency is advising members of the public to keep any pets away from water suspected of containing blue-green algae. 
As a precaution, tests are also being done at Hatherly Lake and Pitville Park because they are close by. 
If you see a bloom you can contact the Environment Agency on their 24 hour incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.
(Picture above is not the dog involved in this incident)