Free parking returns for Cheltenham race week

4 March 2019, 11:26 | Updated: 4 March 2019, 11:30

Car Parking Machine

Free parking is returning for shoppers in Cheltenham during race week.

It will apply to council run car parks from 11th-15th March, from 1pm onwards.

The idea is to help boost trade for retailers and businesses as what can otherwise be a quiet time for the town centre.

Car parks allowing free parking to customers are:

Bath Parade
Bath Terrace
Chelt Walk
Commercial Street
High Street
Coronation Square
West End
Regent Arcade
Rodney Road
Royal Well (maximum stay 4 hours)
Sherborne Place
St Georges Road
St James Street
Town Centre East

Councillor Steve Jordan, leader at Cheltenham Borough Council said: "There is a real buzz in Cheltenham when the races come to town, but we know that some retailers in to the town centre experience a very quiet time throughout the day. We would very much welcome those who aren't busy at the races, to visit our vibrant town centre and all that it has to offer.

''While this is purely an initiative by Cheltenham Borough Council, I would be keen to expand schemes like this in future, in particular, to include more sustainable transport options. For instance, it would be great to discuss with local bus companies how public transport could be added to the package.''

Kevan Blackadder, director of Cheltenham Business Improvement District (BID), added: "We had good feedback from our businesses last year that free parking in the afternoons had made a real difference. Too many locals stay away from the town centre during Race Week, but it's a great time to come into town.

"It's good to see that the council is again supporting this initiative, which I'm sure will help more businesses make the very best of the opportunities that Race Week brings."

Free afternoon parking during race week applies only to the council-run car parks listed.

It does NOT apply to Chester Walk, North Place, NCP Portland Street, NCP The Brewery Quarter, Sandford Lido, CitiPark John Lewis, or any other privately-run car park in the town centre, neither does it apply to on-street parking.