Gloucester schools to close

Two Gloucester schools face closure as plans for an academy are approved.

Gloucestershire County Council are backing proposals made in a Government report, to close Bishops College and the Central Technology College and replace them with a £2 million pound academy.

It is likely that the academy will initially start on the two separate sites with the two schools being brought gradually together.
But the council say they have not yet decided whether the new building will be located on the Central Technology College or Bishops’ College site.

Jackie Hall, from the council, told Heart why they feel it's the best decision for the schools, despite opposition from some parents:

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Parents from Bishop's College have been fighting the closure plans, campaign leader Jane Miles talked to Heart before the decision:

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Campaigners for a third school facing closure are celebrating.

A decision on the future of the Vale of Berkeley college has been put off for a year.

Jackie Hall told Heart why:

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