Gloucestershire winners

Britain's biggest ever lottery prize has landed in Gloucestershire.

A couple from Cirencester have struck lucky on the Euro Millions scooping more than £56 million!  That's half of the £113 million jackpot - the other winning ticket holders are in Spain.

Justine Laycock, 41 and Nigel Page, 43 have three children between them. They have both said they intend to give up work - Justine is an Estate Agent and Nigel does household maintenance. Nigel says he hopes to upgrade his white van for a BMW or Range Rover and take the family on a holiday to somewhere hot. He'll also be looking into building a wind tunnel for his hobby of skydiving. Justine is looking forward to sitting down with the headteachers at her children's schools and finding ways to help them with some of the winnings.

They'll go straight into the top 1000 on Britain's 'Rich List'.  Around number 980 to be precise - that puts them ahead of people like Guy Ritchie, the Gallagher brothers and Claudia Schiffer.

They'll now be able to buy a mansion in Kensington Palace Gardens and park a couple of Bugatti Veyron's on the drive.

Or... they could order themselves to a Gulfstream G550 private jet to keep at Cotswold Airport just down the road.... and a Bentley to get to and from it.

In between shopping they'll be able to treat 36 of their closest friends to a cruise round the Maldives on board the Annaliesse and her sister ship, the Alysia - the most expensive chartered yachts in the world.... at £85,000 per day.

And they would even be able to call in to the Sky View Bar in Dubai and get their chums a round of 27,321 cocktails... at just over five grand a go.  (And that is per drink, not per round!).

Listen to Warren Moore and Kate from Heart Breakfast talking to Justine's boss Matthew, about the win.