Keeping an eye on the criminals

When the curtains twitch in Stroud in the future, it won't just be adults peering out.

A new Junior Neighbourhood Watch scheme has launched for the whole Stroud area, getting school children to help be the eyes and ears of the police.

Each scheme has a youngster as a co-ordinator, it is their job to keep their peers and other local people informed about crimes in the area, hand out crime prevention advice and work with Gloucestershire Police.

Junior Neighbourhood Watches are alreayd up and running in Middle Yard in Kings Stanley, Brimley in Leonard Stanley, Oakfield Road in Frampton and Midland Road in Stonehouse and there are plans for more.

17 year old Rebecca Johnson-Hill is the new Junior Watch Coordinator for Middle Yard in Kings Stanley, she said: "I’m really pleased to be able to get involved with something that I think could have a really positive impact on our road.

"In the past I always thought that Neighbourhood Watch was for nosey old people but it really isn’t and I hope that this new scheme shows other people that it’s actually a great way for people to help the police to keep where you live safe!"