Making Tewkesbury safer

It has one of Gloucestershire's highest casualty rates.

But this week you can find out more about work to make the High Street in Tewkesbury safer.

There have been around 30 collisions on the street in the last 10 years, most of those were people being knocked over.

A long awaited road safety scheme is being unveiled at the Town hall.

The proposed changes include:

· Converting the existing pelican crossings into puffin crossings (and moving the pelican crossing slightly further away (north) from the cross. An informal crossing point is being placed outside the town hall.

· Providing wider footways at crossing points, to make crossing the road safer for pedestrians.

· Using coloured surfacing material at key places along the High Street, to show pedestrians where it is safe to cross, creating more of a ‘shared space’ for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

The work is scheduled to take place between January and March 2012 and will cost around £300,000.

You can check out the plans at Tewkesbury Town Hall from Monday 16th - Wednesday 18th May between 2-8pm.

Officers from the county and borough council offices will also be available to discuss the plans.