More salt on the way

26 July 2010, 15:13 | Updated: 26 July 2010, 15:29

Gloucestershire County Council has welcomed plans to ship in 250,000 tonnes of salt to prepare for winter.

It follows a report by a government-appointed group to look into the salt shortage over the winter.

Gloucestershire was bably affected as highways staff had to resort to only gritting main roads, becuse of a shortage of salt.

Cllr Stan Waddington cabinet member for environment welcomed the recommendation, saying:

"This recommendation is extremely positive and we’d back any measures that help keep the country moving in severe weather.

"During last winter we had enough salt to manage our roads, but demand on salt providers has been extremely high for the past two winters with many councils being unable to replenish their stocks.

"If we were to experience severe weather again this winter, there’s no doubt salt suppliers would have the same problems.

"This recommendation would provide a much-needed extra source of supply for the councils that do run out and ensure that Gloucestershire has access to additional stocks if we need it."

Gloucestershire County Council says it has been planning for next winter since May with our stocks up to full capacity already. They have increased stock levels from 4,500 tonnes two years ago to 9,600 tonnes today with the opening of a new salt dome in Moreton.

Plans are also afoot to build another new salt dome in Stroud, which would bring our capacity up to 11,000 tonnes.