New Development at the Docks

There's going to be another new development at Gloucester Docks.

There are plans to knock down the Merchant Quays shopping centre and replace it with 48 flats over 4½ floors, and over 5000 square feet on the ground floor for leisure and shops.

Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company (GHURC) are very excited about the prospects this development will provide, due to the interest which various companies and schemes have shown in coming to Gloucester. The South West Regional Development Agency agreed with this statement, saying that, "this historic city has real economic potential".

After the original plans for the development were rejected 18 months ago because they had little to do with the heritage of the area, GHURC worked with the developers to help them change the design to make it fit in more with the rest of the buildings at the Docks. The new building will be built using sustainable materials, and pictures of the plans can be viewed below.

Sandra Dixon from Crest Nicholson told heart more about the plans

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