Online library launches

You can now borrow a book from the library without leaving the sofa.

A new online library has been launched in Gloucestershire and rather than downloading a book you can read it on the screen for free.

You can choose from ten 'shelves' on your laptop, home computers and some phones, though it won't work on iPads and iPhones.
The range includes books for children, self-help books, crime fiction and titles recommended for reading groups.

Unlike conventional library books, there is no limit to how many people can read a book at one time.

Librarian Katie Smith told Heart: "Use of the new service will be monitored and there is potential to add new shelves of books to meet demand. This is the first step offering books online. Work is currently underway to develop audio book digital downloads. We welcome customer feedback about the choice of books and experience of reading them online."

The onlien library is available at and through Anywhere.Me on the People’s Network computers in the county's libraries.