Pet health checks in Gloucestershire

30 May 2010, 06:00

PDSA offer dogs a free health MOT

Veterinary Charity PDSA are in Gloucestershire this weekend offering dog owners a free health check for their pets.  They say keeping an animal companion can be a lifeline for some people - especially if they've had a bereavement or been made redundant... but not everyone can always afford the vets bills that might come up.

We spoke to one of the charity's Senior Vets Sean Wensley about why pet's health is so important and what the PetCheck involves.

Click here to listen to the interview.

For more information about the PDSA click here.

The PDSA PetCheck vehicle will be at Jollyes Petfood Superstores at the Westgate retail park in Gloucester until 5pm on Friday.  Then over the weekend at Cotswold Country Park and Beach in Spratsgate Lane in Cirencester from 10 til 5 on Saturday and 10 til 4 on Sunday.


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