Police freeze lifted

19 April 2010, 14:17

Gloucestershire police will begin taking on new recruits again from July, after lifting a recruitment freeze which began in April 2009 due to a lack of money.

There are around 100 people who have been waiting to join for the last year and they will be the first to get the chance.

The Constabulary's first intake of 12 recruits will be in July and they hope to have taken on up to 40 by March 2011.
Deputy Chief Constable Mick Matthews told Heart why the freeze was put into place:

Listen to Mick Matthews

But Deputy Chief Constable Mick Matthews also warned the new recruits still won't cover the number of officers who retire or join other forces:

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Police officials are telling people NOT to contact them about joining the force, if you are on the waiting list you will be contacted.