Police go free on the buses

Gloucestershire's police officers are going 'on the buses' to help the force save money.

The Constabulary has done a deal with Stagecoach so uniformed officers and PCSO's can hop on for free to get to incidents.

It means they won't have to use patrol cars and will help keep the fuel bill down.

Chief Constable Tony Melville told Heart he also hopes people will use the opportunity to talk to them:

"It's a great way for us to be sat down with members of the public while we're travelling around. Our buses are really safe but occassionally there are incidents of anti-social behaviour and it doesn't hurt for people to know that occassionally there are police officers on the bus and you're never quite sure when one of us will be on it.

"We want to be really visable, we want to be approachable and we want to understand what people's concerns are. Well what can be better than waiting at a bus stop and speaking to the people that are there and chatting to them on the bus, it's just a great way to be part of the community, because that's what we are."

It is one of a number of initiatives launched by Gloucestershire Constabulary as they look to make savings of £18 million over the next four years.