Police ready for World Cup

27 May 2010, 11:23 | Updated: 27 May 2010, 15:00

Gloucestershire Police are gearing up for the World Cup.

With the first match just two weeks away the Constabulary are reassuring us they are fully prepared for any increase in crime and disorder.

They plan to focus on three main issues – alcohol related disorder, domestic abuse and drink driving.

Superintendent Rob Priddy is overseeing the operation:

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Police are also dismissing myths that people will be stopped from hanging flags outside pubs and homes and told to take football shirts off to reduce trouble.

Superintendent Rob Priddy says it won't happen:

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The summer drink drive campaign, run in conjunction with the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership, will run for the duration of the World Cup. Due to be launched on June 1, the campaign was due to finish on June 30, in line with the national campaign, however it has been extended until July 12 to ensure it covers the duration of the World Cup.

The key messages police want to promote for the duration of the World Cup are:

· Drink responsibly.

· If you are going out drinking, be aware and watch your purse/ wallet/ phone.

· Plan ahead, go to the cash point before you have a drink and know how you’re getting home at the end of the evening.

· Licensees are reminded not to sell alcohol to anyone underage.

· Don’t be a victim of domestic abuse, report it. The police will take it seriously and support you. We can help.

· Hate crime - if you are a victim, report it.

· Don’t drink and drive – we are participating in the national summer drink drive campaign, but are extending it to incorporate the World Cup. If you drink and drive your life and livelihood are at stake.