Police tackle Lydney troublemakers

Extra teams of police have hit the streets of Lydney to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Officers have been heading to trouble hot-spots on a Friday and Saturday night following the introduction of a dispersal order.

It gives them the power to move any groups of two or more out of the area for 24 hours. Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to £5000 or up to three months in prison.

During the latest patrols six youths, aged 14 to 15, were found drinking alcohol, the booze was poured away and they were either taken home to their parents or dispersed from the area.

While a 38-year-old man also had his alcohol poured away as he was breaching the alcohol free zone.

Inspector Chris Thorley, from the Forest South Inspector Neighbourhood Area, said:

"Anti-social behaviour in Lydney has been identified as a policing priority by the local community and this operation demonstrates our determination to stamp it out.

“Lydney is not the only area bennifitting from these extra patrols, officers have been cracking down on anti-social behaviour throughout the Forest of Dean in order to improve the lives of the whole community.

“The dispersal order in Lydney is a powerful policing tool which allows us to tackle disorderly behaviour within the town by dispersing those groups who are commiting anti-social behaviour.

“We know over the recent weeks that the conduct of groups gathering in and around the town has made people feel fearful and intimidated and we hope that both the dispersal order and operations such as these will reassure the community.”