Slimbridge: Gloucester Dad Climbs For Daughter

18 December 2014, 13:35 | Updated: 18 December 2014, 13:39

A Gloucestershire dad's walking up and down Robinswood Hill 75 times, so his 3 year old daughter might have the chance to walk herself one day.

Charlotte has cerebral palsy and has been wheelchair-bound for her entire life. There is an operation in America that Charlotte can have to help her walk and so far the family have managed to raise £37,000 towards the £60,000 treatment.

On Saturday 37 year old James Bottger is starting the challenge of a lifetime walking up and down Robinswood Hill in Gloucester until he has climbed the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest. Only James' ascensions will be counted, meaning he will need to climb Robinswood Hill exactly 75 times in a row. It's expected to take him more than 50 hours.

James is setting off at 10am on Saturday 20th December. Members of the public are invited to the foot of Robinswood Hill to join James on his first ascent. Climbing alone throughout the weekend it is hoped James will finish at approximately 6pm on Monday 22nd December.
Donations can be made HERE