Sorting out parking problems

If parking outside your home is a nightmare, help could be on the way.

A major review is getting underway looking into residents parking in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

At the moment many on-street spaces are being taken by people who should be using car parks while shopping or going to work.

Gloucestershire County Council launched a new 'Residents Parking Policy' in January, now they have to work out where schemes are needed the most.

Questionnaires are being sent out to 18,000 households in 19 areas of Cheltenham and Gloucester, feedback will decide which areas need improved or new parking schemes.

Heart has been finding out more from Councilor Mark Hawthorne:

Listen to Mark Hawthorne

Cheltenham has been split into four review zones so we can look at residents parking solutions one zone at a time throughout 2010:

Zone 1 (East including Sandford Road, All Saints Road, Fairview Road and Bath Road areas) will be reviewed in March 2010
Zone 2 (South including  Bays Hill, Montpellier, Tivoli, and Naunton Park areas) in June 2010
Zone 3 (North including St Pauls and Gloucester Road areas) in October 2010
Zone 4 (West including Lansdown – Railway area) in February 2011

Gloucester has been split into two review zones:

Zone 1 (Outer City including Kingsholm, Wotton, Bristol Road and Seymour Road areas) in March 2010.
Zone 2 (City Centre) in July 2010