Teenagers keep out!

26 May 2010, 11:24 | Updated: 26 May 2010, 13:16

Quarry managers in Gloucestershire have warned teenagers that if they trespass on their sites they risk serious injury or even death.

The alert comes ahead of the bank holiday weekend, which in past years has seen the start of summer-long problems.

David Weeks from the Mineral Products Association told Heart why youngsters need to keep out:

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A survey of quarry managers in the South West found that 68 per cent had experienced trespass in their sites and with 34 active quarries plus disused quarries and other mineral products sites in Gloucestershire, there is concern about the potential for accidents.

In 2009, four teenage boys lost their lives in the UK in active or disused quarries, the Stay Safe campaign aims to raise awareness of dangers such as ice-cold water, steep cliffs, falling rocks and quicksand pools.

The campaign features a Facebook page “Stay Safe ... Stay Out of quarries”.