Tenth person jailed for drugs ring

A Gloucester woman has become the tenth person jailed for her part in a major cocaine trafficking operation.

36 year old Kathleen Logue, of Fairford Way, Gloucester, was given 3 years for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

The conviction means ten people are now behind bars for a total of 50 years.

They were caught as part of Operation Midway, which was launched by Gloucestershire Police in September 2008.

They found cocaine was being brought from London to Gloucestershire to be cut up and distributed to the South West.

DC Ian Seeley, who was the officer in charge of the investigation, said:

"Operation Midway was set up to tackle serious and organised crime and targeted major drug dealing in the county.

"The operation uncovered the levels the group were prepared to go to ensure that cocaine of the highest purity was trafficked into Gloucester from London, which also involved conspirators from Cornwall.

"The significant custodial sentences of Logue and the other individuals involved and the sheer volume of drugs seized shows what a huge success this operation has been and the considerable effect this will have on drug supply in Gloucester.

"We have been able to disrupt established drug supply routes from London to both Gloucestershire and Cornwall, therefore having a massive impact on the availability of Class A drugs in Gloucestershire."