Train hits shopping trollies in Cheltenham

7 May 2010, 15:27 | Updated: 7 May 2010, 15:30

Network Rail have condemned vandals who put lives at risk after a train hit three shopping trolleys dumped on the line outside Cheltenham Spa station on Thursday night.

At around 10pm a train hit the  trolleys under the Tewksbury road bridge, one of the trolleys was wedged under the train and caused damage to the engine.

The train had to be stopped so that the trolleys could be safely removed from the railway line.  As a result, the incident disrupted the late night services on the line between Cardiff Central and Birmingham.

Andy Coston, area general manager, Network Rail said:

"This was an extremely dangerous act. The vandals responsible not only risked their own lives but also those of other people. The actions of these people could have resulted in extremely serious consequences. We are taking this matter very seriously and now working closely with British Transport Police to catch these criminals and prevent crimes across Britain’s rail network."

Inspector Andy Irwin-Porter, of British Transport Police, said:

“I cannot emphasise strongly enough the dangers associated with this sort of criminality. The lives of passengers and rail staff on board were placed in serious danger by the actions of those who threw the trolleys onto the line.  Fortunately on this occasion no-one was injured and no trains were damaged, but we may not be so fortunate if this happens again.

“We are urging anyone who was in or around the area to contact us on 0800 40 50 40 if they saw anything suspicious or if they have any information that may help us with our enquiries.”