Union celebrates fire decision

The Fire Brigades Union in the South West has welcomed the decision to scrap a multi-million pound scheme to set up regional fire control rooms.

The project would have seen emergency calls made in Gloucestershire answered at a new call centre in Taunton.

But the scheme has been long overdue and the union claims it has already cost tax payers £200 million.

Now the coalition government has reached a settlement with the main contractor to halt the project.

The move has been welcomed by the leader of Gloucestershire County Council, Mark Hawthorne:

“The Government has done exactly as promised and scrapped the regional Fire Control project.  Labour’s crazy scheme would has wasted millions and would have put lives in Gloucestershire at risk – I am overjoyed it has been scrapped.  This is the outcome of months and years of campaigning for Gloucestershire’s Conservative councillors and MPs.  I would like to particularly thank Fire Minister Bob Neil and Secretary of State for Communities Eric Pickles for this excellent decision.”