Warning about Digital Cowboys

With time running out before Gloucestershire switches over to digital, there's a warning about dodgy workmen.

The Stroud and Cotswolds areas are set to switch on 24th March for some channels, and then 7th April for all other channels, while the rest of us will be changing next year.

Gloucestershire falls under a number of different transmitters - Stroud use the Slad transmitter and the Cotswolds use the Cirencester transmitter, while the rest of Gloucestershire use the Ridge Hill West, Sutton Coldfield, Mendip or Oxford transmitters.

Digital UK and Trading Standards are warning that when the switchover happens, we should keep an eye out for rogue contracters, who may try to sell either unnecessary equipment - like a "digital aerial", which doesn't actually exist! - or equipment which you may need for an inflated price.

For a full list of approved installers of TV equipment, click here.

Heart's been finding out more from Peter Montreith from Digital UK.

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