Where will your kids be going?

The anxious wait is nearly over for parents as secondary school places are announced.

More than 7,000 Gloucestershire youngsters are about to find out where they will be going from September.

91% will receive one of their chosen schools and 81% will get their first choice.

That means more than 650 won't get any of their choices. Senior Access Manager at Gloucestershire County Council, Charlotte Jones, told Heart why:

Heart speaks to Charlotte Jones

You have to have your forms back in by March 15th and there is an appeals process if your child does not end up with a school you want.

This year's allocations are also hampered by plans for a new academy in Gloucester. It means the closure of Bishop's College and the Central Technology College, but the closures had not been decided when parents first filled in their admission forms.

Charlotte told Heart they will be offering extra help to parents affected.

Charlotte Jones on the extra help on offer