5 A Day Terms & Conditions

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Five A Day on Heart Gloucestershire


  1. The following rules (“Specific Rules”) together with the general competition terms and conditions (which can be found at www.heart.co.uk (the “Competition Terms and Conditions”) of Global (as defined in the Competition Terms and Conditions) apply to ‘Five A Day’ radio competition (the “Competition") which will run from January 2018 on Heart Gloucestershire.
  2. Anyone who enters the Competition (an “Entrant”) will be deemed to have read and accepted the Specific Rules and Competition Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them.

Details of the Competition:

  1. To enter the Competition an Entrant must send a text message with the word “FIVE” to 8 21 22 (the “Text Message Line”). Text messages will be charged at standard network rates. The Text Message Line will open at the time given out on air. If the caller fails to answer a return call from Global, is driving at the time of the call and is unable to pull over, cannot continue the call for any reason or the phone line is not of a suitable quality for broadcast (at the discretion of the producer) the call may be terminated and another Entrant selected at random.
  2. The selected Entrant will be asked to answer one round of five questions correctly to win. (the Round) The competition will roll over each day until all five answers have been correctly guessed. Each day of play, the presenter will identify the number of questions that have been answered correctly in the Round. The presenter will only reveal answers once all five questions have been correctly answered by anyone Entrant.
  3. All Entrants selected to play on air will be required to talk to the presenter(s) after 10am, this will be recorded ahead of broadcast. Entrants may be recorded up to five days in days advance, meaning there may be a delay on the date broadcast.  Should an entrant guess a full round (by answering all 5 questions correctly) no further recordings of the current round will be made and the winner in turn will be broadcast.  Once a winner is recorded entrances may be invited to play a new round with five new questions, if they choose to do so.



  1. Entrants should be over 18 years of age on the date of recording

Multiple entries are permitted up to a maximum of 10 entries; any additional entries above this limit will be excluded from the Competition.


  1. There is not currently a prize on this competition, however occasional spot prizes may be given from time to time
  2. Global reserves the right to substitute the prize with another prize at its absolute discretion.