20mph for St Albans?

22 September 2010, 05:54

A much lower speed limit could be introduced into one part of the region.

Road chiefs in St Albans - are looking at introducing a 20 limit in up to 14 streets.

But Duncan Vernon from Accident Prevention group RoSPA told heart it's not always just a simple case of having whole areas set at 20 - there has to be specific reasons per street:

"Places which aren't through routes but which have high useage by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and the risk of an accident between them - are the best places to have 20mph limits.

By reducing vehicle speeds you decrease the risk of an accident happening - and significantly you reduce the risk of injury happening".

So far, the council have been looking at putting a 20mph limit on the following roads: Church Street, Bernard Street, Grange Street, Dalton Street, Spencer Street, Market Place, Albion Road, Cecil Road, Cavendish Road.

The council have also secured funding to look at possible 20mph limits for Fishpool Street, Branch Road, St Michael's Village and Roland Street.

A decision on whether the 20mph limits will be introduced, will be taken later this year.