Anti-Incinerator Support 'Growing'

11 May 2011, 05:50

People against plans to build a furnace at New Barnfield near Hatfield to burn non-recyclable rubbish say their campaign is growing.

It's after a meeting held by Hatfield Against Incineration at the Jim McDonald Centre on Monday 9 May 2011 was packed out by more than a hundred and fifty people.

"We ran out of chairs actually, we weren't expecting so many people," said HAI committee member Cathy Roe.  "It's obvious that very many people are concerned and also they're prepared to do something about it."

Hertfordshire County Council want to build an incinerator to get rid of rubbish generated in Hertfordshire that can't be recycled.  They say they can't carry on burying waste in landfill sites, because of big increases in landfill taxes which council taxpayers will have to pay.

As well as burning rubbish, the plant would also generate electricity which could be used to power homes.  Campaigners are worried about the possible health impacts on local people.

A planning application to build the incinerator at New Barnfield is expected to be submitted in November.