Anti-social behaviour falls in Broxbourne

11 January 2011, 16:13 | Updated: 11 January 2011, 16:15

Anti-social behaviour continues to fall across the borough of Broxbourne, with new figures showing a significant reduction in the number of incidents.

There have been over 960 fewer incidents of anti-social behaviour from April 1, 2010 to January 9, 2011, when compared to the same period the year before, which is a 16.4 per cent decrease.

The positive figures represent the ongoing commitment of officers from across the borough who are working hard to reduce the number of offences, such as nuisance behaviour and criminal damage. This includes identifying and deterring those responsible for offences, and reminding people about the consequences of their behaviour, such as being arrested or receiving an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).

Broxbourne Chief Inspector Dave Rhodes said: “These excellent figures represent our hard work and show that we are effectively addressing the incidents that affect people’s lives to make our borough an even better and safer place to live.”

Since April, there has been an even greater focus on tackling anti-social behaviour incidents across Broxbourne, and closer working with partners, such as Broxbourne Borough Council and Broxbourne Housing Association, to reduce incidents. This includes the launch of the Broxbourne Safer Neighbourhood Action Team, a specialist unit, which supports the Safer Neighbourhood Teams across the borough to help find long term sustainable solutions to problems.

A six month section 30 dispersal order, which was introduced in an area in Cheshunt in October last year, has made a significant difference to improving the area. The order, in the Franklin Avenue area of the town, has given officers the powers to move on groups of two or more people who are felt to be causing people intimidation, harassment, alarm or distress and prevent them from gathering in those areas. If individuals refuse to move on or return to the area within 24 hours after being told to move on, they can be arrested.

In a recent survey of the area, 92 per cent of residents interviewed in Franklin Avenue said they felt the order has had a positive impact on the area, while 87 per cent felt they had noticed an improvement in the area.

The ‘Kids Are Alright’ campaign was also launched to challenge negative perceptions of young people and to bridge the generation gap to create a closer community. As part of the project, schools and residential homes for the elderly were twinned and have seen a number of events take place to engender a better understanding between the age groups. The project is also aimed at making young people think about what impact their behaviour may have on other people.

Dave added: “This just a snapshot of the positive work we have been doing across our communities and this will continue so we can further drive down the number of anti-social behaviour incidents.

“We remain mindful that incidents do occur and have an impact on people’s live and we are dedicated to ensuring we resolve these and prevent them from happening in the first place.”

To find out more information about your Safer Neighbourhood Team, what they have been doing in your area to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, how they have been addressing the locally agreed neighbourhood priorities, and dates where you can meet them, please log on to and click on ‘Safer Neighbourhoods.’